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ยท 9 min read

An overview of the Singleton design pattern and its implementation in Dart and Flutter

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First of all, I would like to thank you all for the support after publishing the introduction article to this series. Honestly, I have not expected that amount of people to not only be interested in the creation of mobile applications using Flutter but who are also willing to learn more about the Dart language itself, OOP design patterns and their appliance, code architecture or software engineering in general. This encouraged me to dive straight into the research, coding, and hence, I present to you the first design pattern in the series โ€” Singleton.

ยท 6 min read

Introduction to a series of articles about OOP design patterns and their implementation in Dart and Flutter

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Hi, I am Mangirdas, a software engineer and Flutter enthusiast from Lithuania. I have been following the Flutter journey since its version of 0.10.2 but realized that I have not contributed to the Flutter community, yet. So I am more than intrigued to introduce a new article series โ€” Flutter Design Patterns. In the series, I will do my best to describe OOP design patterns, their implementation in Dart programming language and appliance when developing applications using Flutter.